Misdiagnosis or Delay in Diagnosis For Breast Cancer

When breast cancer is diagnosed in its early stages, a woman may have an excellent chance of survival. This is why women are encouraged to get regular mammograms and to report any suspected abnormalities in their breasts to their doctor as soon as possible. When breast cancer is not diagnosed in a timely fashion and the cancer is given time to spread, or metastasize, to a person's lymph nodes and other organs, the prognosis may be much worse.

When doctors misread mammograms, fail to order appropriate tests, or fail to follow up on treatment in a timely fashion, you may lose the time you need to fight your cancer. Even if you ultimately succeed in your battle with cancer, less painful or invasive treatments may no longer be an option. For instance, if breast cancer is diagnosed early on, a lumpectomy may be adequate to treat the cancer. As the cancer spreads, however, a woman may require a mastectomy to remove the cancer.

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