Misdiagnosis or Delay in Diagnosis in the ER

Millions of Americans every year go to the emergency room to seek immediate medical treatment. In many instances, ERs are not always properly staffed, and overworked physicians, nurses and staff may not give you the time they need to properly diagnose your illness or injury. You could be sent home or wait for a lengthy period of time when you need immediate medical attention. Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis in the ER can lead to serious injury, or even death.

Emergency rooms are hectic environments, but doctors, nurses and staff still have a duty of care to patients. Unfortunately, doctors can still miss obvious symptoms and cause irreparable harm as a result. For instance, chest pains may not be recognized as a symptom of a heart attack. In other cases, appropriate tests are not ordered, or are not interpreted correctly.

In every case of medical negligence, we will closely review all the facts of the case to show how the negligent actions or inactions of a medical professional caused you harm. Our law firm limits the number of cases we take. We and our team devote our full energies and attention to each case. We have found this is the only way to make certain our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Medical Malpractice

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After a serious accident, the road to recovery can be long and difficult. During this time, you may need an attorney to obtain the compensation and medical care you need to fully recover. At Bentoff & Duber, our law firm has helped injured people obtain compensation for their injuries for over 45 years. We have the experience, knowledge and resources that are necessary to succeed in the most challenging cases.