Pulmonary Embolism Malpractice

It is estimated that pulmonary embolisms, or blood clots in the lung, kill more than 60,000 people annually. If pulmonary embolisms are not attended to, they can quickly lead to death. Therefore, when doctors are presented with a patient who has symptoms of pulmonary embolism, doctors must take great care to make the correct diagnosis and select appropriate treatments. When doctors fail to order appropriate tests or misread these tests, the patient will often die as a result.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by the failure to treat a pulmonary embolism, you need an experienced malpractice attorney on your side immediately. The Cleveland law firm of Bentoff & Duber has represented victims of medical malpractice across northeastern Ohio and beyond.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the formation of blood clots in veins. Most pulmonary embolisms involve the formation of blood clots in the legs. These clots break off and travel through the body into the lungs. Many patients are predisposed to DVT and face a higher risk of pulmonary embolism. If you have lost a loved one due to pulmonary embolism, our law firm will make a full investigation of the injuries in order to determine whether a doctor's actions or inactions led to the pulmonary embolism. With experience since 1965, our two lawyers understand what is necessary to accomplish favorable results in medical malpractice litigation.

Medical Malpractice

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After a serious accident, the road to recovery can be long and difficult. During this time, you may need an attorney to obtain the compensation and medical care you need to fully recover. At Bentoff & Duber, our law firm has helped injured people obtain compensation for their injuries for over 45 years. We have the experience, knowledge and resources that are necessary to succeed in the most challenging cases.