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Browns Tailgating: Dos and Don’ts

Sep 6, 2012 |

New versions of warning signs in the Cleveland Browns Muni lot have begun to emerge and with them come many questions about what is legal and not when it comes to Browns Tailgating.

According to Fox 8, “The old Muni Lot signs simply said ‘no open containers.’

The new, more direct, signs are a reminder for tailgaters who like to get tipsy. See video below:




‘You are not allowed to drink outside on city property and you are not supposed to be intoxicated in public,’ said Detective Jennifer Ciaccia with Cleveland Police, adding that officers will be patrolling the Muni Lot during tailgating times, just as they always have, citing offenders”.

In the interest in keeping Clevelanders safe, protected and not arrested during this time of the year, the legal team here at Bentoff and Duber decided to put together this list of Do’s and Don’ts in reference to one of our favorite fall pastimes.  Before heading off in your Browns gear and cracking open your favorite can of beer, please read these Browns Tailgating do’s and don’ts, specific to Cleveland:

Do bring cups.  According to CBS local news, Cleveland, “Open container laws can be enforced in the Muni Lot.” ALTHOUGH IT IS STILL NOT LEGAL TO DRINK ALCOHOL OUT OF A PLASTIC CUP IN PUBLIC, pouring any potentially problematic beverages into Solo Cups is an easy way to avoid this type of enforcement.

Don’t get intoxicated.  According to News Channel 5, the old black and white signs read “no alcohol.” The new red and white signs erected last week deliver the same message with more specific wording about alcohol consumption, stating:

“POLICE ORDER Open containers of alcohol prohibited (617.07), Consumption of alcohol prohibited (617.021, 617.04, 617.12), Public intoxication prohibited (605.13).”

Do have a safe transportation plan. As you could imagine, DUI’s (OVI’s in the state of Ohio) are high on Football Sundays – luckily here in CLE, there are many methods of public transportation.  See these RTA special services for Browns Games here:

Don’t fight. Disturbing the Peace and Criminal Assault charges can be filed in cases where people fight in public.  Even if the most obnoxious Steelers fan makes it into the Muni Lot, make it your mission to steer clear of potentially violent situations.

Do find a toilet.  Public Urination is a common tailgating-related arrest that can easily be avoided.  Use the Port-O-Potty!

Don’t even THINK about drinking and driving.  We cannot stress this point enough.  Getting an OVI in the state of Ohio could mean losing your license, your job and/or having to deal with an enormity of fines and court appearances.  For more information on how to deal with charges like these, read our blog about DUI, OVI and DWI charges in the state of Ohio, or contact Bentoff and Duber.