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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits for Personal Injury

Aug 14, 2012 |

Medical malpractice lawsuits take personal injury to another level. A victim of a malpractice lawsuit must endure numerous doctor visits, more pain, and more time away from work. Malpractice can prolong your healing and add time to your recovery.

There is a recent case study in Ohio in which a woman has been dealing with a malpractice lawsuit since she was injured in 2005. After four surgeries in five years, her broken ankle still hadn’t healed. In addition, in 2011, her leg needed to be amputated. She had discovered that eight other patients with the same doctor suffered the same agony of needing an amputation.

The doctor involved is facing nine total counts of malpractice, including being a defendant in a wrongful death case. Amidst all these lawsuits, the doctor, 65, continues to operate his podiatry practice, Total Foot and Ankle of Ohio, on Ridge Mill Drive. He has privileges at the Dublin Surgery Center and the Marysville Surgical Center, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

A representative for the doctor says that the reason for his high level of suits is due to the amount of high risk cases he takes on. With nearly 600 surgeries a year, the doctor believes these eight patients’ only options were amputations. One patient claims that she could still walk and play with her grandchildren with a left foot injury. After the surgeries, she wears a prosthetic leg and uses a wheelchair. Normal activities are no longer an option for her.

The doctor in question has faced a total of 21 lawsuits since he began practicing in 1973. Of those 21, 11 have come in the past three years. The wrongful death case against him is from 2009 when the widow of an Achilles tendon surgery patient suffered from respiratory suppression. The widow believes the doctor over sedated her husband and failed to monitor his recovery.

Medical malpractice lawsuits contain a multitude of issues. Malpractice lawyers are trained to understand personal injury and medical mistakes. Victims of medical malpractice can face a lifetime of troubles that could have been otherwise avoided. If you are a victim of malpractice, make sure to protect yourself from being hurt again and call us immediately for a consultation.