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The Odds are against Casino Cheaters in Downtown Cleveland

Aug 1, 2012 |

Cleveland’s newest hotspot is undoubtedly the Horseshoe Casino.  Only two months old and already taking the city by storm, the casino has its first cheating scandals.  Seven people from the north eastern Ohioarea have been convicted of cheating on casino table games. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason, whose office is handling Ohio’s first casino cheating cases, likes his odds, given the extensive video surveillance in the Horseshoe casino in Cleveland(WEWS News Channel 5).

Ohio’s first casino, brought to us by Dan Gilbert, wants everyone to know that cheating is a serious matter and will not be tolerated at all.  With an extensive security team of over 1,000 cameras, undercover agents, and even the dealers themselves, getting away with cheating is nearly impossible.  The first person was recently arraigned and has a bond set at $10,000.

Most of the suspects have small records from the past including robbery, drugs, theft, and fraud.  And although the crime of cheating in a casino will put only a few blemishes on their record, Mason believes this will keep cheaters out of the Horseshoe for a little while longer.  Out of the 50,000 visitors so far, only seven cheaters is nothing to worry about. Toledo’s new casino has also had its first slew of cheating cases that are currently under investigation.

The cheaters were working on small bet games.  One of the speculated criminals was allowed to continue playing black jack before being confronted about cheating.  Another was caught placing bets on the roulette table after the dealer’s call of “No more bets.”  Another suspect pulled a similar gambit of placing chips on top of a bet already placed in a Texas Hold’em game, whereas another suspected cheater tried creating distractions while adding to his bets.

Rock Gaming, the official gaming company of the casino still has plans to open casinos in Cincinnatiand Columbus.  This first group of criminals will prepare the other operations for a firsthand look at how to catch cheaters in a casino.  The likelihood of potential criminals trying to steal has been squandered for now.  Gambling in the state is new, but some criminals have done this for years, making their way across the country cheating at table games.  The Ohio Casino Control Commission said itinerant would-be cheats have checked outOhio’s casinos and security arrangements.