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Woman Whose Feet Were Amputated in Alleged Medical Malpractice Gets Her Day in Court

Dec 19, 2012 |


Stacey Galette, 32, will finally get her day in a Brooklyn courtroom after both of her feet were amputated in an alleged medical malpractice case.

In 2009, Galette underwent a gynecological operation and claimed the surgeons punctured her intestine during the procedure, which ended up causing blood poisoning and a massive infection.

As a result of gangrene developing in her lower leg, Galette became a double amputee.

The lawsuit, which was filed at the Brooklyn Supreme Court, seeks monetary damages and names seven physicians as defendants in the case, along with Winthrop Medical Center, the Long Island hospital where the procedure took place.
The medical center’s motion to have the case moved to the county where the hospital is located was rejected by the judge. Lawyers for the hospital disputed that Galette lived in Brooklyn when she filed the lawsuit in November 2010.

Judge Martha Steinhardt ruled that there was indeed credible evidence that Galette lived in Brooklyn when the suit was filed.

The hospital argued that all of the medical care and treatment occurred in Nassau County, so that it would make the most sense to hold the hearing in said county.

Galette’s lawyer hopes to have a jury filled with Brooklyn residents to determine the issue of medical malpractice and damages.

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