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Can I be compensated for injuries from slipping on the ice in Ohio?

Jan 4, 2016 |

With winter in full swing, we know it’s just a matter of days before snow and ice begin to accumulate here in Cleveland. Before the conditions get too bad, we at Bentoff & Duber wanted to remind you of Ohio’s laws when it comes to slips and falls caused by icy winter weather. Read this post so you know what your options are if you are seriously injured after falling this winter.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20-30% of people who fall sustain moderate to severe injuries. These injuries can include hip fractures, head traumas and lacerations. If you fall on public or private property and are injured, your first thought may be to sue the property owner.


However, in Ohio, the property owner is typically not liable for injuries caused by the natural accumulation of ice and snow. This means you typically not be compensated if your injuries stem from slipping after natural weather events such as rain, snow and sleet. There are always exceptions to these rules, so we recommend contacting the personal injury attorneys at Bentoff & Duber for a free consultation to evaluate every situation.


On the other hand, the property owner may be found at fault if your slip-and-fall injury was caused by an unnatural accumulation of ice and snow. Think of an unnatural accumulation as a situation where manmade elements mixed with natural weather patterns to cause your fall. An example of this is a person slipping on ice that gathered from a leaking gutter or a poorly constructed sidewalk. In these cases, engineers or architects are sometimes consulted to help determine whether unnatural circumstances are to blame. If you have been injured from falling on ice, either from natural or unnatural conditions, you should consult an attorney to find out if you are entitled to compensation.


Stay tuned to our blog for more on our slip-and-fall injury series coming soon.


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