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Two-vehicle accident on Route 3 near Londonville

May 4, 2021 |

We live in a congested area of the country, which means that car accidents are just a fact of life on our roads and highways. And, a recent accident near Loudonville is yet another example of the dangers on our roads.

The motor vehicle accident

According to the Loudonville Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Loudonville Fire Department and EMS, the car accident occurred Friday morning. The motor vehicle accident happened on state Route 3 near Loudonville when a Wooster man was traveling south on Township Road 485. He blew through the stop sign at the intersection with state Route 3, which caused a Cuyahoga Falls man to impact him.

After the motor vehicle accident

While the Cuyahoga Falls man was uninjured, the Wooster man was trapped in his vehicle. The Loudonville Fire Department had to extract him from his vehicle, and after the extraction, Loudonville EMS rushed him to a local hospital. He was reportedly admitted with nonlife-threatening injuries. Though, he was ticketed for not stopping at the stop sign. First responders noted that both drivers were likely largely uninjured because they both were wearing their seatbelts.

After car accidents generally

For Cleveland, Ohio, residents that are victims of another’s negligence, like the Cuyahoga Falls man here appears to be, Ohio law can help. Specifically, through a personal injury lawsuit, car accident victims can seek civil justice for their injuries that resulted from the negligence of another. This means compensation for all of a victim’s damages, including vehicle damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, etc. Though, one needs to call an attorney first.