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Fatal multi-vehicle accident

Jul 28, 2021 |

Motor vehicle accidents are just a fact of life on our streets. With the number of pot holes, traffic and heavy congestion, our roads are simply, not safe. Unfortunately, for several Clevelanders, they experienced this first hand recently.

The fatal multi-vehicle accident

According to the Cleveland Police Department, the accident took the lives of two locals and injured three others. While fault has not been determined, the motor vehicle accident involved three vehicles at 1:30 a.m. between East 131 and East 134 on St. Clair Avenue.  CPD has not released the names of those involved in the car accident or the details of the crash. Though, they are asking any witnesses to call CPD.

After a car accident

After a car accident, victims are often unsure what to do and their rights. But, they are entitled to compensation for their property damage and injuries, including pain and suffering.

Insurance adjusters

And, while an insurance adjuster may be nice and friendly, and even work for one’s own insurance company, they are not a car accident victim’s friend. Their job is to save the insurance company money by either not paying the victims or paying out as little as possible. This is why the adjusters try to settle quickly, before a car accident victim can get an attorney.

Help is available

Always, again, always consult an attorney after a motor vehicle accident. That attorney is the only one that has only the victim’s best interest in mind, and they can determine what is fair compensation for one’s injuries. An attorney skilled at handling both simple and complex Cleveland, Ohio, insurance claims could be the best call one ever makes.