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Workplace accidents in Ohio

Oct 22, 2021 |

Accidents can happen in many different employment settings. There is valuable information available for workers in Ohio who have been injured on the job.

Injured workers’ rights

In Ohio, workers who are injured have a right to access health care from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation providers, have approved medical bills paid and to be considered for rehabilitation services if applicable. They are also eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for work-related injuries or if they contract an occupational disease.

In addition, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Division of Safety and Hygiene sets requirements for workplace safety. If workers are injured due to safety violations, they may be eligible for additional compensation.

Return to work

After a workplace injury occurs, employees likely want to work as safely and quickly as possible. However, depending on the extent of their injuries there are a few return-to-work options that workers can consider if they are not able to return to full duty.

Modified work allows employers to adapt, alter or remove physical barriers to help the employee perform essential job functions. Light duty also allows job tasks that require reduced physical capabilities.

Workers may also want to consider transitional work that helps them progress toward their original job. In addition, there may be the option of alternative work that the injured person can do if they are permanently restricted from their original job but have other abilities.

There are many legal and medical aspects of workplace injuries that may require the assistance of an attorney. It’s important for workers to fully understand their rights and know that representation is available for them to pursue compensation.