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What benefits can I seek through workers’ compensation?

May 2, 2022 |

Heavy lifting is part of many people’s jobs in Ohio, ranging from construction and factory workers to nurses or even people who work in an office. Of course, if an object is too heavy or proper lifting techniques are not used it is easy to throw out your back.

If you are laid up with a back injury it is likely that you will not be able to work, sometimes for a long time depending on the injury. As each lost day of work goes by you may be very concerned about how to pay your bills. Fortunately, many people can pursue workers’ compensation benefits when injured on the job. The following is a brief overview of the types of compensation offered through Ohio’s workers’ compensation system.

Compensation for disability

There are a variety of ways a worker can be compensated if they are partially or totally disabled. Temporary total compensation covers those disabled due to an on-the-job injury or illness. Permanent partial scheduled loss covers those who have a partial permanent medical condition such as vision loss or an amputation. Percent of permanent partial coverage provides benefits for those who have a certain percentage of long-term effects due to an injury. Permanent total disability provides benefits to those who are unable to undertake sustained remunerative employment due to their disability.

Compensation for wages

There are also a variety of ways a worker can be compensated for lost wages. Wage loss compensation provides an injured worker with the financial recovery needed if the worker has reduced earnings due to their injury or illness. Change of occupation benefits cover injured workers who must change occupations per the advice of their doctor. Living maintenance benefits provide compensation to workers actively participating in a rehabilitation program.

Lump sum benefits

In addition, some benefits are paid in a lump sum. Lump sum advancement payments cover future compensation for things like household expenses or the installation of safety features in a home or vehicle. A lump sum settlement is entered into by the worker in writing that closes the claim.

Other benefits

This post outlined common benefits available through Ohio’s workers’ compensation system. There are additional benefits that may be available not included in this post. Ultimately, you will want to explore all possible avenues of compensation so you can pursue the benefits you need.