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Speeding and lax enforcement spark call to action

Jun 1, 2022 |

Speeding is a growing problem in Cleveland. People who encounter speeding drivers – even if they are not involved in an auto accident – will lament the dangers they create. For drivers, traveling at excessive speeds makes it harder to stop urgently. When there is an accident, it increases the likelihood of injuries and death due to the harder impact. Recently, the city council members expressed their frustration and want a law enforcement crackdown. As this problem worsens, people need to think about their safety when they head out and be prepared if they are injured or lose a loved one in a crash.

Numbers show decline in speeding tickets from 2021 to 2022

Statistically, the number of speeding tickets Cleveland officers gave out has reduced by almost half from the same time in 2021. Up to April 30, there were 1,878 such citations given. One year ago, there were 3,457. Districts saw varied changes in how many tickets were issued. For example, there was a 79% reduction in the first district; a 38% reduction in the second district; a 30% reduction in the third district; a 50% reduction in the fourth district; and a 79% reduction in the fifth district.

A lack of staffing is also a concern since Cleveland has a budget for 1,640 officers and is short by 241. Several areas have seen a worrying uptick in recklessness and speeding. A car meet where drivers with “muscle” cars like Dodge Chargers resulted in drivers blocking intersections and doing tricks. The lack of enforcement is viewed as a problem because it is letting drivers do what they want on the roads without consequences. This is believed to be the foundation for continued recklessness that can cause accidents.

Those affected by an auto accident should know the value of experienced help

Stopping for red lights and stop signs, paying attention to the road when driving, yielding when necessary and adhering to the speed limits should be fundamentals when people take to the road. Unfortunately, many drivers flout, ignore or outright break the law. This risks the safety of people who are following all the rules.

Auto accidents can result in severe injuries that accrue huge medical costs, lost time at work and extended problems. Fatalities are an even bigger issue. While drivers are speeding to this degree, victims must have experienced guidance with their interests in mind. Professionals who are driven to succeed can help injured people with their situation.