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What wrongful death damages can you recover in Ohio?

Jun 30, 2022 |

The loss of family member can be traumatizing, especially when you do not see it coming. With thousands of fatal accidents of all kinds happening each year, many families are forced to deal with the emotional and financial difficulties of losing a loved one unexpectedly.

Families who file wrongful death claims following the death of a loved one may recover several types of damages to cover costs relating the incident. Some of these wrongful death damages include:

  • Medical expenses: Costs relating to decedent’s medical care prior to their death.
  • Lost wages and future wages: Compensation for income decedent would have earned if they were alive and able to work.
  • Mental distress: Compensation for family members’ mental anguish following the loss of the decedent.
  • Funeral/burial expenses: Compensation for caskets, cremation, memorial services, and other expenses.
  • Loss of companionship/consortium: Compensation for the loss of the decedent’s affection and care.
  • Loss of inheritance: Compensation for inheritance survivors would have received from decedent.
  • Loss of household services: Compensation for cleaning, cooking, adult/childcare, financial management, and other services around the house the decedent would have provided.

If you are thinking about filing a wrongful death suit against the negligent parties responsible for the accident that killed your loved one, keep in mind that only certain family members are entitled to damages. A personal injury attorney with experience filing wrongful death claims in Ohio can help determine whether you are entitled to damages.