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Getting the facts about workers’ compensation in Ohio

Aug 23, 2022 |

Workers in Cleveland and across Ohio might know in the back of their minds that they can get workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer an injury or condition from the work they do. However, when an issue does arise, they are frequently unaware of the basic facts about a claim. This can lead to mistakes, not getting the maximum benefits or being denied their claim altogether.

Workers must know the key points about a claim

When workers are injured on the job and need care and treatment as well as wage replacement, they might feel overwhelmed. First, workers and their families should know their rights. That includes health care, payment of medical bills, being paid for the claim, getting independent medical care when needed and understanding the right to file an appeal if there is a dispute.

Regarding medical care, the worker will get the care from a Bureau of Workers’ Compensation provider through the Managed Care Organization (MCO) without needing to pay for it when it is required to treat the issue and the claim has been approved. For some, additional treatment is needed. The doctor who is caring for the injured worker will submit a form to get authorization for the additional treatment. Workers also have the right to see the doctor they choose if that doctor is in the network.

There may be a disagreement over the treatment decisions including whether it is still necessary or if the injured worker wants specialized care. The worker, medical provider or employer can disagree with the assessment, setting the stage for an appeal.

Using the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process, the determination can be made if the services requested are connected to the injury, if the treatment is needed and assess its cost. There are options to appeal to the Ohio Industrial Commission if the appeal does not go the worker’s way.

Workers must know the process and may need advice as part of their case

Getting approved for workers’ compensation benefits not only provides the worker with the medical care they need, but it covers for lost wages. It is unfortunate that disputes sometimes happen between the injured worker, the insurer and the employer. However, there are options to try and make sure to exhaust all avenues to be covered.

Having assistance from those who understand these cases, are determined to succeed for the worker, have been helping injured people for more than 50 years and know the terrain can be essential. Many people work in physically demanding jobs like construction, first responders, warehouses, manufacturing and healthcare.

Accidents and injuries happen frequently in these industries, but workers’ compensation claims are not limited to these types of jobs. Those who work relatively sedentary jobs can also suffer health problems. Calling for guidance can be vital for a case and it is imperative to know how to get workers’ compensation from the start.