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Do Remington’s still misfire?

Sep 12, 2022 |

Responsible gun owners rely on themselves and their training to ensure that they and those around them are safe. However, what do you do if your gun fires on its own?

The Remington defects

For some Remington owners, this is exactly what they face. Indeed, according to CNBC reports, there have been dozens of reported deaths and serious injuries as a result of Remington Model 700 rifles unintentionally firing. Remington has not admitted that this defect exists, but they have admitted that their pre-XMark Pro triggers have excessive bonding agents in the trigger assembly, which can cause malfunctions.

This admission means that not only are the Model 700 rifles affected but also dozens of models manufactured as far back as 1948 have the same defect. This means there are potentially millions of dangerous guns currently in circulation, including here in Cleveland, Ohio.

What should Remington gun owners do?

If you own a Remington, you will need to handle it more carefully than your other weapons. For one, make sure it is never loaded, unless you are at the range or hunting. However, until you have the trigger assembly inspected, and if needed, replaced, you should not use the gun at all.

And, when you do use it, once it is loaded, make sure that it is never pointed in the direction of anyone or anything. It should always face the paper targets. Remington has agreed to replace these trigger assemblies, so contact them immediately if you own a Remington gun.

What if I already experienced a discharge?

After making sure everyone is okay, you have legal recourse. Even if you participated in a prior class action lawsuit and had the trigger assembly replaced, you have options. Many cases against Remington are still navigating their way through the court system now, and you should not be scared to fight for your rights and hold Remington accountable. However, this may mean that you will need to contact a Cleveland, Ohio, attorney.