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New pledge seeks to reduce workplace injuries

Sep 23, 2022 |

For anyone who has ever tripped over their own feet, they can attest that a trip-and-fall can occur anywhere at any time, including the office. Recently, the National Safety Council challenged employers throughout the nation to reduce workplace injuries by 25% by 2025.

Does the NSC pledge focus on all injuries?

No. The NSC pledge focuses on the most common workplace injury, Musculoskeletal disorders, also known as MSDs.

The companies

The NSC’s MSD Pledge launched earlier this year with Amazon, but now, it has well over 100 organizations signed on to the pledge. These 100 plus employers represent nearly 3 million employees. This includes some well-known, national employers, like Boeing, Concentra, Cummins, John Deere and United Airlines.

The NSC’s MSD Pledge

The pledge has several underlying commitments to reach their 25% reduction goal. First, in includes analyzing the known causes of MSD injuries and invest in solutions that will reduce the injury risk to workers. Next, they will share their knowledge with the other pledge members to improve safety practices across the country. Third, they commit to building a safety culture with accountability. And, finally, the broad goal of reducing their injury rate by 25% by 2025.

After a workplace injury

Unfortunately, even with the best intentions of employers, Ohio employees still face workplace injuries. And when they are injured, they can be left with huge medical bills. They may be unable to return to work for months — or may even become permanently disabled. How will they make ends meet? Depending on the circumstances, these injuries can result in a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney with experience in workplace accident cases can help the injured and their family see how the law applies to their accident.