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Road fatality statistics are the catalyst for new Ohio safety laws

Feb 16, 2023 |

Motor vehicle accident statistics help to determine how these collisions happen and to formulate strategies to reduce them, improving safety and preventing people from being injured or passing away. Recently, the fatality numbers for Ohio were released.

The causes and calculations have been cited for the reason why the state is now implementing new laws designed to prevent drivers from specific behaviors that place them and others in jeopardy. Knowing the fatality numbers and being cognizant of the new laws is important. Still, people are often powerless to avoid accidents and people who have been hurt must also think about the future.

Fatal accident numbers released as Ohio prepares new distracted driving laws

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio had more than 5,600 fatal accidents between 2018 and 2022. In those crashes, nearly 6,100 people lost their lives. They broke the numbers down based on the counties in which they occurred. Franklin County was at the top of the list with 538. Cuyahoga was second with 445.

After assessing the numbers, Gov. Mike DeWine outlined the steps that are being taken to enhance safety. He noted that distracted driving is a major problem on the state roads with it has reached the level of risk seen previously with drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In addition to distraction, some of the causes of the accidents were speeding, drivers crossing over the center line, failure to yield, tailgating and running stop signs. To address the issue of distraction, the governor signed a bill banning the use of electronic devices behind the wheel. It goes into effect in April.

New laws aside, people need to understand their rights after a crash

The pending law against distracted driving and law enforcement showing greater vigilance are undoubtedly positive steps to making the Ohio roads safer. Despite that, there is always a lingering possibility of people being involved in auto accidents and suffering injuries and fatalities because of it.

Those who have been impacted by a crash need to understand the potential challenges they will face. That includes major financial costs from medical care, physical obstacles that inhibit their ability to work as they did before, and a greater burden on their family.

For help with deciding on a strategy to recover compensation for all that was lost, it is imperative to have legal support. Consulting with professionals who understand all of the steps to pursuing a claim can be crucial to moving forward effectively.