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Jun 22, 2012 |

You or someone you know may have been charged recently with a DUI/OVI in the state of Ohio – before you do anything, it’s important to know the repercussions of handling the case on your own.

Having an attorney represent you on your DUI/OVI case is extremely important. The laws surrounding a DUI/OVI are very complicated – and a good attorney can explore all issues surrounding your charges, including whether field sobriety tests were given or given accurately, analyzing a breath or blood test that was submitted, and determining whether there was probable cause to make the initial stop. To effectively defend a DUI/OVI case, it is important to look at all issues from the initial stop through charges being filed, and only an experienced DUI/OVI attorney will have the tools to do so.

A DUI/OVI can have many repercussions on your life, including:

  • An increase your insurance premiums;
  • losing your driver’s license;
  • losing your job;
  • a potential of jail time; and other life-altering implications

Without the help of an experienced DUI/OVI attorney, you will effectively be lessening your chances of putting the incident behind you, as many of these repercussions can follow you for quite some time.

While no DUI/OVI charges are the same, we have dealt with every scenario there is and can effectively defend you from your charges. Experience is the key in defending a DUI/OVI case, and we have that experience.

The moral of the story is, despite common misperception, DUI/OVI law is very complicated, and there are many loopholes in the law. It is impossible to fully understand the laws and your defenses without the help of an experienced attorney.


While many people claim to have been charged with a DUI in the state of Ohio, they’ve actually been charged with an OVI, which is Operating a Vehicle Impaired. This broadens the offense from driving under the influence to operating a vehicle impaired – the difference between the two is that “operation” does not require that the vehicle actually be moving. Actually, the vehicle doesn’t even have to be running. If you’re sitting in the driver’s seat and the keys are within reach, you can be charged with an OVI.