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Month: August 2021

Man killed, four hospitalized after I-90 crash

Another fatal accident has occurred on the notorious stretch of I-90 known as “dead man’s curve.” The crash happened in the late afternoon at the height of rush hour. Multiple cars were involved in the collision and the highway was closed for nearly 3 hours. Police...

Can you pursue punitive damages following a car crash?

Picking your child up from school and driving them to ballet class or soccer practice are usually uneventful parts of daily life for parents in the Cleveland area. However, you simply cannot control the actions of other drivers. Other drivers may be distracted,...

Concurrent benefits under SSI and SSDI

Many people require the assistance of SSI and SSDI to pay their bills and live a healthy, happy life. They are two different programs with different requirements to qualify for benefits. But for some, they will meet the requirements of both programs and may be...