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Month: February 2022

 Does my epilepsy qualify me for Social Security Disability?  

Ohio residents suffering from epilepsy know how disruptive it can be to everyday life. Seizures can result in physical injuries from a fall, short-term memory loss and many other negative physical and neurological effects. Seizures can also severely interrupt many...

Can I work without losing my SSD benefits?

Social Security disability benefits can be the financial lifeline a disabled individual needs to make ends meet. However, many in Ohio would agree that holding down a job is a thing to be proud of. Not every disabled individual wants to be out of the workforce...

What legal trends can we expect this year in workers’ compensation?

Last year was a busy year across the nation in workers’ compensation law. There were disputes over the types of compensation that should be included in benefits and many issues around marijuana. And, some of those trends will likely continue into 2022? Exclusive...