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Cleveland Heights intersection is the site of several crashes over the years

Jan 10, 2024 |

An intersection in Cleveland Heights has been the site of at least six car accidents in the past few years. The causes of each accident differ, but each of the six accidents has affected a property located at the intersection.

The latest accident occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Christmas day when a woman lost control of her vehicle and smashed into two boulders in front of the home before skidding up into the front yard.

Speeding, driving impaired causes of prior accidents

The woman initially fled the scene but later returned and was charged with failure to control her vehicle. Prior accidents were caused by impaired drivers or speeding due to drivers being chased by police.

The owner of the property states that a contributing factor to the accidents is the removal of a guardrail that served as a barrier between traffic and his home.

The Cleveland Heights Communications Director sympathizes with the homeowner but says state guidelines prevented them from placing a guardrail in front of the property. They placed the two boulders there instead.

Speeding and driving while impaired are just two examples of negligent driving that results in accidents such as these. Although the homeowner was not injured in the most recent incident, he has been injured in prior incidents.

The tremendous toll a car accident can take

Many car accidents in the Cleveland area involve serious injuries or even death. Negligent drivers should be held accountable for their behavior. When you suffer injuries in an accident, you often face heavy financial losses from medical bills and lost wages.

Many accident victims also experience major pain and suffering and mental health struggles such as post-traumatic stress disorder. A car accident is often a traumatic event that people never get over.

Proving negligence could mean recovering compensation for these losses. This compensation can help you recover from your accident and move forward.