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When A Dog Bites, You May Have Strong Legal Options

There is a reason that many people are afraid of dogs. Dogs are animals that can at times be totally unpredictable. They may bite or attack for a variety of reasons. However, it is up to the animal’s owner to keep them under control and prevent the dog from biting anyone.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner. At Bentoff & Duber Co., L.P.A., we are here to help with your case. Our attorneys understand the potential impact of a dog bite on your life. Our firm uses our extensive experience along with our knowledge of the law in order to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Complications From A Dog Bite

Dogs have different bacteria in their mouths than humans. This means that when a dog bites, there is an influx of unknown bacteria into the wound. This often leads to infections and exacerbations of the dog bite itself. Infections in a dog bite can be life-threatening, often requiring a heavy course of intravenous antibiotics and follow-up with a doctor.

The dog bite can also leave scarring. This is especially important to note if the victim is a child. They have a lifetime ahead of them to live with the scar and may need plastic surgery to remedy the scarring.

Though rare, dogs can also carry rabies. While many people do not actually contract the rabies virus from a dog bite, preventative shots may be required. These can be painful and take a toll on your body.

An animal attack can also leave emotional scarring, sometimes needing treatment for the trauma that was suffered. People often develop a fear of dogs as the result of a dog bite or attack.

Understanding Ohio Dog Bite Law

In Ohio, owners are held to strict liability when it comes to their dogs and other pets. This means that regardless of what the victim did, the owner is liable for the injuries that were suffered. In some cases, a dog owner’s homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover some or all of the damages. However, it is best to discuss your options with one of our lawyers to ensure you are properly compensated.

Let’s Talk About Your Options After a Dog Bite

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