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A Slip-And-Fall Is Not Always Your Fault

There are many people who believe they are clumsy, thus they slip or trip and fall frequently. While this can be an embarrassing situation, it is important to know that clumsiness is not always the cause.

In many instances, dangerous property conditions can lead to a fall that causes serious injury.

If you have fallen at a store, restaurant, apartment building, parking lot or any other type of public or private property, turn to the premises liability lawyers at Bentoff & Duber Co., L.P.A.. We have decades of experience representing people who have sustained life-changing injuries due to a slip-and-fall or trip-and fall on an uneven sidewalk, unmarked wet floor, dangerous stairs, unremoved snow and ice, and more.

What Is Premises Liability?

Falls due to dangerous property conditions are classified under a type of law called premises liability. This means that the responsibility for maintaining safe property, or premises, falls to the property owner or the party charged with the maintenance of the property. If not properly maintained, the owner can be liable for compensating victim for injuries suffered.

Common Slip-And-Fall Injuries

When you fall, you tend to reach out to brace or catch yourself on something. This can lead to injuries to hands and arms, such as broken fingers, wrists, and arms, dislocated shoulders and more.

The fall itself is a great impact to the body. Depending on which part of the body hits the ground or other objects, you could sustain broken ankles, hips or legs, strains and sprains of the ankle and knee, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries and other serious injuries. Cuts and bruises are often common at the site of injury and elsewhere on the body due to the impact.

None of these injuries should be taken lightly. If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, if possible, take note and take photographs of where you fell, and talk to a member of our firm as soon as possible to ensure any evidence can be preserved.

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